Our program is strongly committed in providing sustainable livelihood for women and youth in some parts of Mindanao. We have taken the initiative to mobilize communities and help establish alternative means of livelihood for women without work by providing them income generating programs through manufacturing high-grade local and export products that utilizes indigenous materials.

It is also a constant undertaking for us to provide opportunities for out-of-school youth to develop their skills by getting hands-on training that they can use for their day-to-day enterprise.

Our livelihood program has adopted the communities of Astorga in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, a few communities in Davao City such as Catitipan, Toril, Maa, Bajada, Cabantian, Sisoy Lanang and Panabo City at large – providing these communities betterment of life and living.

Our aim to promote and preserve the dying art of dream weaving. We have assisted and encouraged 600 Tboli weavers in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato to continue their craft and make available their t’nalak cloth for local and global distribution.


“Our aim to promote and preserve the dying art of dream weaving.”

As a manifestation of our commitment for community development, our livelihood programs have brought substantial results in promoting livelihood options and in providing daily income since 1989 up until the present time; and the families and communities that we’ve been supporting have been intensively benefitted from the programs.

It is also expressed how we managed to renew and make a creative innovation of Mindanao’s indigenous products. The same time that we promote the wellness and the rich and colorful heritage of the minorities – particularly the T’bolis of Mindanao.

TLTC and our mission to extend our assistance are truly fueled by our advocacy to economic and livelihood sustainability in Mindanao. And with its shared sense of purpose, our beneficiaries are able to provide better future for themselves.